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Under The Spotlight: KYOCERA

Under The Spotlight: KYOCERA
By Simon Williams
December 7, 2018

Established in 1959 in a small suburban workshop in Japan, KYOCERA has a rich history of innovation and creativity that’s helped them to grow into one of the most diversified global enterprises of the modern era. For more than 20 years, KYOCERA have been invested in developing a range of eco-friendly long-life printers and multifunctional products to meet the rising demands of both businesses and consumers. As such, here we take a closer look into the history of the development of their document solutions.


KYOCERA was founded as Kyoto Ceramic Company whose first product was a U-shaped ceramic insulation that was used within early television picture tubes. Following this, throughout the 1960s KYOCERA began to develop ceramic semiconductor packages in order to support the meteoric rise of NASA, introduction of Silicon Valley and advancements in technology. It was as a consequence of this that KYOCERA decided to diversify their product range and started to make a variety of technologies in the ceramic space. However, it wasn’t until 1992 when KYOCERA really started to make waves within the printing industry, when they released their first model of the the ECOSYS printer range (FS-1500). 8 years later, KYOCERA acquired photocopier manufacturer MITA Industrial Company Limited and formed KYOCERA Document Solutions Corporation.  Since then, KYOCERA have continued to develop and expand their ECOSYS and MFP ranges in order to meet the rising demands of modern businesses.

Environmentally Sustainable printing

The KYOCERA Group’s desire to design a range of environmentally sustainable printing solutions which help to reduce humanity’s impact on the planet is one of the underlying principles of their corporate philosophy. That’s why their ECOSYS range of printers are designed to lower waste, keep costs down and increase the life of the printer. For example, when their toner runs out, all you need to do is replace the toner box rather than other key imaging components as well. Not only that, but toner cartridges in non-KYOCERA printers can contain more than just toner, meaning the eco-friendly design of the ECOSYS printers offers up to 85% less waste produced over the course of the printer’s life.

Benefits of KYOCERA printers

For more than 20 years KYOCERA’s ECOSYS printers have been delivering exceptional performance and reliability, whilst continuing to push at the boundaries of innovative printing solutions. More specifically, though, owners of KYOCERA printers can benefit from:

  • Less maintenance

  • Increased reliability

  • User friendly technology

  • Eco-friendly design

  • Reduced running costs (up to 40%)

  • Reduced e-Waste (up to 80%)


KYOCERA’s range of printing solutions are centred around using long-life components that offer businesses an environmentally sustainable product that doesn’t compromise on performance or printing quality. With a wealth of benefits available to businesses such as reduced running costs and increased life span, there are many reasons why you should use KYOCERA printers.
If you’re interested in purchasing KYOCERA printers for your business, then why not get in touch to see how we can help you select the ideal product to suit your printing needs.