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Want to print long lasting photos?

Want to print long lasting photos?
By Simon Williams
March 10, 2018

You’ve captured a moment that occurs only once in a lifetime. This moment is one that you will cherish for the rest of your life. You cherish it so much, that you want to print it as a momento that you can look at every day or on special occasions. When the photos appear vibrant and full of colour, it can take you back to that moment in a second. But when they start to fade and appear lacklustre, the vibrancy of that memory can begin to fade as well.


To make your most printed photos last as long as possible, we recommend doing the following.

Avoid compatibles and use original printer cartridges.

You don’t want your photos to fade over time and lose their vibrancy. Sometimes, when people consider the price of the printer cartridges that they pay for, they may be put off from printing their favourite photos or images. The memories are precious and spending just a little more to get the very best results that will last the image will last longer is more than worth it. When printed with Original cartridges the picture will last much longer because of the quality of the ink and the technology that is used in the printer cartridge. If you plan to have a photo that lasts for decades, don’t expect to get the result from a compatible printer cartridge.

Make sure you use ink cartridges from the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). They are same people who made your printer and their cartridges are guaranteed to work with your printer. You can’t put a price on a priceless memory.

Invest in a high-quality inkjet printer.

image2 (1).png

A quality inkjet printer is not hugely expensive. In fact an All-in-one printer that will copy and scan as well can be bought for around $100. It will also likely include Wi-Fi so you can print direct from your Smartphone as well. Most come with two paper trays, one for photo paper and the other for normal paper or other media. Your printer will be used for printing more than just photos! Many printers for home use today are packed with useful features to make them versatile around the home and suit everybody’s needs.

It’s worth remembering that a few printers come with set up cartridges. These are purely to Set the printer up and bed it in. You may feel that they don’t last long but a replacement Original Printer Cartridge will print far more photos and pages and are not expensive.

You want to make sure that the printer that you are using isn’t using a dye sublimation instead of pigment inks. It’s not always clear in the fine print to identify the type of ink that a printer is using. Here is a quick guide from the guys at Your Digital Life




CompanyInk NameInk Type
CanonChromaLife100combination dye/pigment
EpsonDURABrite Ultrapigment
EpsonUltraChrome Hi-Gloss 2pigment
EpsonUltraChrome K3pigment
Kodak10 & 30 Seriespigment
LexmarkVizixdye (for photo printing)


Keep a digital backup of the original in case you need to make a reprint.

Sometimes things happen like the photo gets damaged or lost. So to prevent that memento from disappearing forever, it’s wise to create a digital backup of the photo. If it’s already in a digital format, you simply need to copy it across to a safe storage device such as a cloud server.

If the photo isn’t in a digital format, then use a scanner to create a digital copy that can then be saved on a storage device.

Photos are great mementoes, but memories are precious. It’s not worth sacrificing quality for the sake of price. Invest in producing