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What Is Product Stewardship?

What Is Product Stewardship?
August 24, 2018

Product stewardship is an approach to managing the impacts of different products and materials. It acknowledges that those involved in producing, selling, using and disposing of products have a shared responsibility to ensure that those products or materials are managed in a way that reduces their impact, throughout their lifecycle, on the environment and on human health and safety.





What is voluntary product stewardship?

Industries can voluntarily take action to reduce the impact their products have on the environment and people’s health and safety, by agreeing to form product stewardship arrangements.

Product stewardship arrangements are a great opportunity for industry to voluntarily share responsibility for the sustainable management of products, without the need for regulation. A scheme may cover one stage of a product’s life cycle or involve all stages, from design through to manufacture, use and disposal.

A number of companies and industry associations have already voluntarily partnered up to form arrangements to promote their environmental and community responsibilities. Some of these arrangements have been operating for over a decade, while others are more recently established.


Achieving tangible outcomes

These arrangements are achieving real environmental, social and economic outcomes such as:

  • a reduction in the amount of waste going to landfill or being dumped
  • products designed for easier recycling
  • better protected environment and people from potentially hazardous substances
  • community collaboration to provide employment and opportunities through environmental initiatives.

All Original Printer Cartridge Manufacturers have entered into this agreement to reduce the impact of their products on the environment. They partner with C4PA and CtL to collect and Closed Loop recycle their EOL products No compatible printer cartridge manufacturer has made any such agreement and have no interest in the impact of their products on the environment.