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What Is The Best Printer To Print Your Memorable Moments

What Is The Best Printer To Print Your Memorable Moments
By Simon Williams
August 19, 2017

When you think about printed photos, the first things that should come to mind glossiness, the print resolution and vibrant colours. It’s easy to assume that most printers will provide this functionality, but it’s not until when you actually run the print that you will determine whether or not your current printing setup can handle photography prints. More often than not, it is the latter.

You don’t want to invest in the wrong printing setup from the outset. That’s why we want to share some of the best printing solutions so you can successfully print your most memorable photos.


Compare laser and inkjet printer capabilities.

Inkjets can provide a high quality photo, but due to the amount of ink that gets used, you will tend to have higher replacement costs than compared with a laser printer. Laser printers are also known for producing a slightly better quality photography print. There’s also a great discussion on the CNET forums, which compares laser and inkjet printers. See our range of inkjet printers.Click here to see our range of laser printers.


Compare the resolution.

Nobody wants to receive prints that appear smeared or pixilated. You want prints that produce crisp, high quality images. The resolution is measured in dots per inch and is usually expressed as dpi. The higher the resolution the better the quality of the print.. A higher resolution gives greater depth to the image making the subtle changes in shadows and light more detailed. As long as the photo is a good quality photo, you should be able to get photographic prints with 1200 dots per inch.


Consider a multifunction printer with a scanner.




Many of us have photos from our past that we treasure in printed form. The trouble with old photographs is that they will fade over time. If you have a printer combined with a scanner and copier you can scan them and store them digitally as well as print them out to share with family and friends.

Others are happy to scan and store their photos on digital devices. You can invest in a multifunction printer that can scan images with a resolution of 300dpi or more.




Additionally, a high quality scanner and printer will allow you to make multiple copies of physical photos.

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Other considerations.

Wireless or bluetooth capabilities

Having a wireless connection is convenient, since people use many wireless devices to store their photographs. The right printer will allow people to connect and print photos from multiple wireless devices including cameras, phones, laptops and tablets. 


SD card capabilities.

If you just want to print quickly from the camera, it’s handy to have a printer that also has an SD card port. You can simply eject the SD card from your camera, put it into your printer and start printing the photos that you captured in a matter of seconds.


Invest in photographic paper

Also make sure that you invest in good quality photographic paper if you want a nice finish for the images that you are printing. Because the two technologies use different methods to create an image, each uses different types of photographic paper. An inkjet printer uses a wet ink which is absorbed by the paper whilst the laser printer fuses the toner onto the paper with heat. It is important to use the right photographic paper for your printer.

Pictures tell a thousand words, but high quality photos can produce amazing impressions. Investing in the right printing setup will allow you to print amazing images as the most cost effective price. Browse our site to see what printing options can help you with your photography printing.