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When You Need To Talk, Talk To Your Printer - Voice Activated Printing

When You Need To Talk, Talk To Your Printer - Voice Activated Printing
By Simon Williams
July 4, 2019

The digital age is continuing to innovate and find new ways to make our lives easier. Whether it is the emergence of wearables or the progression of digital assistants, it would be fair to say we have entered a science-fiction era of life. The line between technology and lifestyle continues to blur, and that has now rippled to office technology. Digital technologies are the place to be and the latest technology to join the race, is the home printer.

HP To Lead Voice Activated Printing Trend

HP have announced an innovative new technology that integrates with Amazon’s Alexa to give voice activated printing to any HP printer connected to a network by wireless or Ethernet. This type of innovation is the natural next step for a technology that was threatened with being left in the past. Although only in its infancy, this development has the potential to help create a truly seamless voice-activated home office or home business experience for a user. Current capability means you will be able to integrate the new voice platform with your current schedules, tasks or lists kept on Alexa. For example, while you are getting ready for work you could ask your digital assistant to print out your meeting schedule for the day. Alternatively, you could use the technology to print out your weekly shopping lists or a to-do list for the day ahead. In the future HP hopes to continue developing the technology to help create an all in one printing experience. The hope for the tech giant is that rather than using digital devices through a third-party organisation such as Google or Amazon, a home printer will house the intelligence to learn more about you.

What Does This Mean Going Forward?

By incorporating machine learning or artificial intelligence, the humble home printer will be at your beck and call. A simple command of asking your printer to “print the sales pitch” or for the kids printing a school assignment becomes a quick and simple conversation with your printer instead of a drawn-out process on your computer. With the addition of machine learning and artificial intelligence, HP hopes to make the home printer the newest piece of smart technology to help make life that much easier. The demand for more time continues to be a key trend. Stopping short of a time machine, this kind of home innovation from HP is the next best way to get time back in your day. For example, if you have a meeting in your diary for a business presentation, your printer will be intelligent enough to know the presentation document you were working on the night before needs to be printed and ready to go in the morning. Without even talking to your voice-activated printer, you will have what you need before you have even thought about it.

Benefits of Voice Activated Technology

Voice activation and control technology can help make our lives much easier, and it can also promote inclusivity. Those with a physical disability, whether that be mobility or visual, will be able to enjoy the benefits of voice-activated printing which can, in turn, present greater employment prospects  

Whether it is controlling the environment in our homes or this latest development of creating a smart office, voice technology is moving into new and more dynamic areas. This latest foray from HP demonstrates the versatile software that printing has become. A space that any home business owner or young family should keep a close eye on.

The printing realm has been innovating ahead of its time for a while now, as we have seen with recycling accountability and circular economy trends. Now we see more movement in this dynamic space, this time more futuristic. To discuss new and existing printing technology, visit Cartridges Direct online or call 1300 765 575.


Albert Abel wrote:

Could be helpful as we rush from room to room !!! Just call out a command as we pass the doorway.

On 22/7/2019 10:27 AM