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Why Is Brother Such A Popular Brand Of Printers?

Why Is Brother Such A Popular Brand Of Printers?
October 7, 2016

Reliability through precision engineering is at the core of Brother Printers. A Japanese company that was founded in 1908, Brother is now a global company that is recognised worldwide. In its lifetime, Brother has become a brand that is known for both product innovation and great customer satisfaction across its product range.

Brother Printers


From its humble beginnings, Brother is now a household name synonymous with high quality printing devices and much more. Starting in the sewing machine industry, Brother expanded and moved on to the industry of business machines and machine tools by the early 1960s. Providing typewriters in more than 20 languages by the 1970s, Brother continued to expand its impressive range of products to include printing devices.



Brother built its own reputation for customer satisfaction through its ‘customer first’ philosophy. Through meeting customers’ needs and providing ample support for its products, Brother became a go-to company for businesses and individuals alike. A combination of innovative and cutting-edge technology put Brother at the forefront of electronics.


For business or individual use, Brother products have the capacity to provide the best solution for you. Whether it’s something a little different such a labeller or mobile printer, or an efficient multifunction device, you can be sure Brother can provide a reliable and efficient product.



Over the years, printing technology has developed and improved to allow us to print as efficiently as we do. Brother is no exception, often being the pioneer of new and creative ways to improve how we use our printers. There are many benefits to using Brother printers and products. Multifunction printers from Brother implement new and inventive technology that affects the position of the printheads. Capillary tube printing means that the cartridges are located separately, with the ink then being distributed to the printheads efficiently for printing. This advanced technology means that you can now print with a low power consumption, as the printhead no longer has to carry the ink tanks. It is also quieter to print via this method, meaning you are no longer disturbed by loud printers in the office or at home!



Genuine Brother ink cartridges have a number of special properties that allow them to work seamlessly in line with your needs. Brother ink has been manufactured especially for every multifunction or dedicated Brother printer, by creating a predetermined ink formula. This correct colour matching process helps to create the mixture necessary for vibrant colours. Specially formulated, Brother ink cartridges ensure smooth printing along with anti-smear properties.


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