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Why is Wi-Fi printing solution perfect for your office?

Why is Wi-Fi printing solution perfect for your office?
By Simon Williams
December 21, 2017

 In business, time is money. Your output is limited by the resources that you have and the way that you use them to scale your time efficiently and effectively. There are different types of technology that will help you to scale your efforts. In the office, one of those critical pieces of equipment is the printer.

It’s no secret that printers are one of the most important and influential pieces of equipment that can add value to a business’s operation, cashflow and profit. But there are still many office spaces that haven’t transitioned to Wi-Fi printers, even though many Wi-Fi printers are relatively inexpensive and add to the convenience and productivity within the organisation.

If you’re in one of those organisation’s whose printing solution isn’t aligned with the current requirements needed for today’s office operations, see the reasons below as to why you should switch to a Wi-Fi solution.

It is device-friendly.

Traditional printers that are wired in tend to work on desktops or laptops that have the connectivity sockets. Since many people use different types of devices, which ranges from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, to laptops built by Apple or Sony; it can eliminate the ability for people to print directly from their device.

There are workaround solutions to print from devices with this setup, however it is more convenient to have a Wi-Fi solution.

They are easy to setup.

The IT team is normally needed to configure the wiring of traditional printing solutions. This creates downtime with the staff that are waiting for the printer to be configured and it costs money in terms of the resources for the IT person to install and configure the printer setup.

A Wi-Fi solution eliminates these costs by providing people with a direct connection between their device and the printer, so they can be setup in a matter of minutes.

The connectivity to the printer isn’t limited to one space.

In the days of old, you had to confine your workspace to an area close to the printer so you could connect the wires. Nowadays, you can print from almost any location in your working area as long as your modem or printer’s Wi-Fi range is strong.

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It allows your workforce to be more productive.

Less time is wasted with a Wi-Fi solution. The time that would be spent by someone sending an email to another person or department to do the printing for them, or even the time it would take for them to upload their documents onto a USB key and walk and wait by the printer for their documents to finish printing is eliminated.

It may only shave-off a few minutes everyday, but added up over the course of a year and with a large workforce, that’s plenty more man-hours that’s saved and put towards more proactive activities that will help the organisation grow.

The Wi-Fi printer is the way of the future. If you haven’t upgraded your solution yet, the time to do so is now. Check out some of the printing solutions available from Cartridges Direct today.