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Will you capture your best holiday moments on camera?

Will you capture your best holiday moments on camera?
By Simon Williams
December 18, 2017

It is the holiday season and the this time of year is time to put your feet up or let your hair down with holiday activities. People get together with friends, families and loved ones. It is a special time of year that will create many memorable moments.

Many of these moments are ones that will be caught on camera. And that’s where they often stay and eventually get forgotten.

Rather than falling into this trap, consider some alternative options for reminding yourself and others of those precious memories.


 Here are some that you can consider:

Printing your snaps instantly with the HP Sprocket.

The HP Sprocket is the modern-day equivalent of the once popular instant camera. With the HP Sprocket.you can print your snapshots and share the printed version of them instantly with friends, families or colleagues. The device is so small that it can fit in a small bag or even in someone’s pocket.


Your favourite pictures no longer have to be confined to social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Instead, you can take your memorable snaps, adjust the filters and then print them instantaneously.

The portable printer makes use of wireless technology and can connect to your phone instantly. It also uses Zink paper, so no printer cartridges are required to make the prints.

You can learn more about the HP Sprocket here and also purchase the sprocket in both colour variations.

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You can also :



Make your photos more memorable with latex printing.

Traditionally, you could only print your photos on photographic paper and put them inside a photo frame. With latex printing, you can get your favourite photos printed on different surfaces. Canvas printing is a popular latex printing method. Over 2000 printing options are available with latex printing including wallpaper or large-framed prints.

You can learn more about the opportunities with canvas printing in the video below.

Printing On Canvas


Watch for some exciting news from us on Latex Printing which will get your creative mind racing with new ideas.

Print your photos at home.

You can always opt to print your most memorable photos on your printer at home and frame them the way you like or even give them away to others to hold and cherish. Simply use one of the photo printers and high-quality photo paper to develop your photos at home.



However you choose to spend your time over the festive season, don’t let those precious memories fade. Print them and share them so you will be able to relive the moment in the years to come. It is a snapshot in time, but it will be one that will allow you to experience the moment time and time again.