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Working From Home Tips - Maximising Your Efficiency

Working From Home Tips - Maximising Your Efficiency
By Simon Williams
August 14, 2020

woman on her laptop at home

What would you have said if someone told you in 2019 that you would be a remote worker in the year ahead? It’s a pretty unbelievable advancement but one that has come with some great opportunities, and some businesses are wondering why they didn’t switch to this model years before. Although that’s not to say that everyone has created an efficient workspace, as many are still plugged in to work on their kitchen table and worse still - some find themselves conducting work from their bed in PJs. It’s fair to say that the grace period is over for such behaviour, so let’s discuss how you can maximise your efficiency with these working from home tips. 

Invest in the infrastructure

man relaxing at his desk

You are not ever going to regret investing in a quality, ergonomic chair, as this will protect your body and make it so you don’t feel like you are seated for eight hours of a day. You should also consider a second screen if you don’t already have one, and make sure they are at the optimal eye level while you are at it so you also protect your neck. A home printer is another asset that is really going to super-charge your productivity, so check out our website to find the best option that meets your needs, and be sure to buy printer cartridges while you are at it so that you have a stock you can readily rely on. You should also be looking to invest time in establishing a work zone that is conducive to work, considering the natural light, inspiration and anything else that is going to make working from home a little easier.

Stick to a schedule

calendar book

This might seem simple, but you would be surprised to learn how few are actually replicating a day in the office in their own home. Break up your day like you did when you were in the office, and feel free to actually put tasks, projects and even lunch into your calendar to keep you on track. Employees who switch to the working from home model will typically struggle by working too much or not enough, as their norm has been taken away, If they previously didn’t exhibit autonomy, they might find this period to be quite disorientating. Whether you are an employee or employer, consider designing a schedule that is going to work for you and the type of work you do, and stick to this strictly until you feel ready to work from a less formal schedule. If this schedule works well for you - share it with your team!

Remember to take breaks

Once the novelty wears off, many start to extend their working hours and lunch and coffee breaks become less important than what they were in the office, and you find yourself working through instead. This is something you should avoid because by honouring those breaks you are actually resetting your productivity and breaking up the day in a way that will make you feel accomplished when 5 PM arrives. If you don’t feel like eating, take the break anyway and go for a walk around the block, read outside or even just flip on the news and enjoy a cup of coffee. Focus is key when working from home and taking breaks is going to make your focus sharper, and its also going to keep you positively motivated about work rather than resentful.

Stay connected

man on video call with team

Just because you don’t have the proverbial water cooler to congregate around, doesn’t mean you can’t be staying connected with your peers. You probably have Slack, Teams or Zoom to facilitate this communication, so commit to having video on when you communicate as seeing your colleagues is an important part of the working environment and it will make you feel more connected. Whether you would call yourself resilient or not, don’t discount the value of genuinely connecting with someone, and also try to check in with others in your team so that they know they are supported. Those extroverts in your team might actually be struggling more than those comfortable in their own company - so maybe establish a Friday afternoon drink so that everyone can blow off steam while still being at home.


If you feel like you are only now finding your feet in this working from home journey, don’t be hard on yourself. All of us have been thrown into a new normal, and while these changes might be more long term then we believe, there are so many positives to this arrangement if we take the time to properly set ourselves up for success. CartridgesDirect service a large network of remote workers, so contact us if you are looking for the tools and techniques to improve your productivity.