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Cartridges Direct is proud to offer products and software of high calibre through our online store, including Lexmark printer cartridges, Lexmark printers, and printing accessories to meet your professional needs. Recognized time and again as the true leader of managed print and document services, Lexmark’s catalogue of devices and products is the most in-depth of all top vendors throughout Australia and worldwide. One of the most trusted brands in Australian printing, the quality of Lexmark printer cartridges is unsurpassed. Better your project deliverables and challenge the workplace status quo with high-yielding Lexmark inkjet and Lexmark laser printer cartridges that will contribute to exceptional communications between your clients and team. For more products, browse our range of Lexmark ink cartridges and Lexmark toner cartridges.

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Lexmark (E260X22G) Photoconductor Unit
Our Price:$‎48.18

In Stock

Lexmark C734X24G Photoconductor Unit - 4 Pack
Our Price:$‎190.58

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Lexmark E120 (12026XW) Photoconductor Unit
Our Price:$‎80.19

In Stock

Lexmark X203H22G Photoconductor Unit
Our Price:$‎114.07

MSRP: $‎120.31

You Save:$6.24

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Lexmark X342n Photoconductor Unit
Our Price:$‎117.43

MSRP: $‎124.30

You Save:$6.87

Lexmark No. 700P Photoconductor Unit
Our Price:$‎198.44

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Lexmark E250 Photoconductor Unit
Our Price:$‎70.46

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Lexmark C510 Photo Developer Unit
Our Price:$‎425.48

MSRP: $‎446.28

You Save:$20.80

Lexmark (C500X26G) Photo Developer Unit
Our Price:$‎425.48

MSRP: $‎464.34

You Save:$38.86

Lexmark (C53034X) Photoconductor Unit (4 pack)
Our Price:$‎233.70

MSRP: $‎251.03

You Save:$17.33

Lexmark (C53030X) Photoconductor Unit
Our Price:$‎65.67

MSRP: $‎68.89

You Save:$3.22

Lexmark C540X35G Photoconductor Unit
Our Price:$‎209.44

MSRP: $‎221.10

You Save:$11.66

Lexmark C734X20G Photoconductor Unit
Our Price:$‎57.04

No Stock - Call 1300-765-575

Lexmark (C930X73G) Colour Photoconductor Kit
Our Price:$‎1,379.18

MSRP: $‎1,567.97

You Save:$188.79

No Stock - Call 1300-765-575

Lexmark (C930X72G) Black Photoconductor Kit
Our Price:$‎478.83

MSRP: $‎522.50

You Save:$43.67

Lexmark C950X73G Photoconductor Kit
Our Price:$‎1,081.96

MSRP: $‎1,229.80

You Save:$147.84

Lexmark C950X71G Single Photoconductor Unit
Our Price:$‎381.70

No Stock - Call 1300-765-575

Lexmark Optra W840 Photoconductor
Our Price:$‎319.61

MSRP: $‎343.29

You Save:$23.68