Paper Specs: 483mm 329mm 90gsm 

Izumi Inks and Paper are produced in Japan and a world leader in the supply of industrial printing facilities worldwide under a commercial banner. Izumi paper is specifically designed for use with Izumi printer inks to achieve fantastic results, the combination of Izumi ink and paper give you the step forward that you need when sublimating to know that the two are designed to work together. This eliminates potential problems with colour matching and other problems that arise. Characteristics: - Guaranteed worldwide batch control, ensuring the same colours and quality consistency in all countries. - Available in A4, A3 and A3+ - 90gsm which reduces the chances of pizza wheel marks and head striking. - Hi Release. Requirements to print - Sublimation printer - Suitable heat press - Additional usual items like heat tape etc.

Izumi Dye Sublimation Paper A3+ Plus 250 Pack