HP Data Cartridges

For removable printer storage solutions, consider reading and writing invaluable information onto a HP data cartridge or HP tape cartridge from Cartridges Direct. We offer only registered printer memory and tape storage products from trusted brands like Hewlett-Packard. Utilize magnetic tape storage as an offline source of archival data, equipped to offer you printer storage of up to thousands of gigabytes. HP data cartridges are known for being both durable and cost-effective – and HP has a sterling reputation as one of if not the leading manufacturer of information technologies. Buy an HP cleaning cartridge to give extra assurance of your data security.

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HP LTO4 Ultrium 1.6TB RW Data Cartridge (C7974A)
Our Price:$‎44.61

MSRP: $‎68.00

You Save:$23.39

HP LTO5 Ultrium 3TB RW Data Cartridge (C7975A)
Our Price:$‎44.00

MSRP: $‎83.00

You Save:$39.00

HP LTO6 Ultrium 6.25TB RW Data Cartridge (C7976A)
Our Price:$‎77.55

MSRP: $‎199.00

You Save:$121.45