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A Printer With Top Shelf Features That Fits Any Shelf

A Printer With Top Shelf Features That Fits Any Shelf
By Simon Williams
February 7, 2017

When you run a small business, print at home or need a printer, scanner and copier for the kids school assignments the one thing you probably don’t have is desk space. A desktop printer - let’s face it - takes up desktop that you can ill afford. The new HP Deskjet 3700 series of printers could be your answer.



According to HP it is the world’s smallest inkjet all in one printer It not only prints, but copies and scans as well. With a depth of less that 20cms and a weight of 2.3kgs it fits on a bookshelf!  Even with the paper trays fully extended it still measure only 45 cms front to back. And the paper trays simply slide back into the printer when not in use. And bookshelf space is much more available to you than desktop space.

But despite its small size it prints and scans any size paper up to A4. The paper tray hold up to 60 sheets and pulls up vertically from the back to save space. The paper tray pulls out from the front and holds up to 25 sheets. When not in use the paper trays slide back into the printer to save space. Although not the fastest printer on the field, at around 6 pages per minute it is suitable for small users.

The HP Deskjet 3700 series, like most printers these days, operates wirelessly. This means that you can print from a desktop computer, notebook tablet or smartphone without those annoying cables. There is only one cable and that's the mains power cable. This makes setup easy. Just plug it into a power point and it’s ready to go as this video shows:




Printing from a mobile device needs the HP Mobile Printing App. It’s available for Apple, Android, Microsoft, Google devices and needs to be downloaded from the App Store on the mobile device. 

This is a simple operation as this video shows:



Although this video shows an Android device, click the link below and select the operating system for your device here:


With the App installed all the operations for HP DeskJet 3700 are controlled from the tablet or smartphone.This includes such operations as editing your photos. The printer does a good job of printing photos so this arrangement is ideal as most of your photos are doing to be on your tablet or smartphone. Downloading  the HP Social Media Snapshots App lets you print to  directly from your camera roll onto the special HP Social Media Snapshots paper.


When it comes to scanning and copying you may be familiar with a flatbed scanner where you place the original on a glass screen and close the lid. That takes up a lot of space - far more than the HP Deskjet 3700 series. So HP have developed an innovative scanning technique - instead of moving the scanner over the paper this scanner remains still ands the object to be scanned passes over it. Thui saves space but does limit the thickness of the thing that you are scanning..For example, it is not possible to copy pages from a book. it also means that if you are scanning several small sheets, such as receipts, you scan them one at a time or put them in a transparent folder.


It certainly looks the part with a low profile and curves rather than sharp edges.It comes in your choice from three colours: The HP DeskJet 3720 has Electric Blue highlights, the 3721 is SeagRass Greenand the 3723 is Cardinal Red. It certainly has style and it is great for kids to print out their homework and social media pics without tying up the main household printer.And with a recommended retail price of just  $79 it’s well priced as a second printer.


Small size - fits on a bookshelf.Relatively slow.
Stylish design - the kids will love it!Fairly low volume paper trays.
Low cost - $79 RRP for printer, scanner and copier.Innovative scanner may lack versatility for some users.
Wireless connection to tablet and smartphones with a simple app operation.