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Beautiful Prints Of Beautiful Memories - And A Whole Lot More The HP Envy 5030

Beautiful Prints Of Beautiful Memories - And A Whole Lot More The HP Envy 5030
By Simon Williams
April 13, 2018

Many beautiful images stay in our minds for a lifetime, but we can’t share them with others. We can tell others about them, but as every picture is worth a thousand words, who has time for that?

Frequently a beautiful image is captured by a digital camera, phone or other digital device and are stored digitally. There they stay until the digital device is replaced and disposed of. Along with the stored images.

The only way to keep those beautiful images vibrant and alive for years and years and years is by printing hard copies.


The HP Envy 5030

The HP Envy 5030 is a MultiFunction wireless printers which can print, scan and copy and connect to a PC, Smartphone or portable device wirelessly, It has one more trick up their sleeve when it comes to printing photos. It can print in colour onto HP photo paper at an incredible resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 dots per inch to print all the detail and rich, vibrant colours of the original photo. For general printing it has a resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi.


The base model of the HP Envy range, the HP Envy 5030 although having a low price is far from a basic printer.Ideally suited to home and home office use the unit is compact and well featured.  In addition to printing it can copy and scan as well. 


Versatility also comes from the number of devices, and ways, that a printer can be accessed.As well as desktop computer many people have tablets and smartphones, all of which need to be able to print.


The HP Envy 5030 has dual band wireless connectivity as standard. The dual band means that the very latest devices can access it as well as earlier devices that use a different frequency. In addition to the wireless connectivity there is a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port which allows for a desktop or notebook computer to be connected directly.

All functions are ordered by a centrally mounted 5.5 cm high resolution monochrome touchscreen display.

For added convenience you can download the HP Smart App at no extra charge, from your App Store.



The App lets you control the printer and its functions remotely from your smartphone or tablet as well as making the setup easy and quick.

With Smart App installed you can access the printer by Wireless Direct as well as local WiFi.

HP wireless direct and Wi-Fi Direct are features that allow your Wi-Fi capable devices (for example: smart phones, tablets, or computers) to make a wireless network connection directly to your printer without using a wireless router or access point. You connect to your printer’s HP wireless direct or Wi-Fi Direct signal the same way you connect your Wi-Fi capable device to a new wireless network or hotspot.

The Printing Function

For home, home office and micro business use, the print speed of up to 10 pages per minute (ppm) and up to t7 ppm in colour in ISO mode and twice that in draft mode, is up to the job. With a first page out time of just 16 seconds for a black page and 19 seconds for colour it is quick off the mark as well.

The 1200 x 1200 dpi gives crisp text and graphics. But the standout is the 4800 x 1200 higher resolution for photo printing. This gives superb detail and depth to the printed photo. With smartphone cameras having more and more megapixels to take ever better photos this extra resolution reproduces all the detail and depth of the digital photo.

The Hp Envy 5030 uses two cartridges; the HP 63 Black Original Printer Cartridge which will print up to 190 pages, and the HP 63 Tricolour Original Printer Cartridge with a page yield of 160 pages. For greater economy the HP 63 XL Black High Yield Original Printer Cartridge will print up to 480 pages whilst its Tricolour counterpart, the HP 63 XL Tricolour Original Printer Cartridge will print up to 380 pages.

The control  processor has a speed of 800 Mhz.

Paper Handling

The adjustable input paper tray has a capacity of up to 100 sheets of printing paper ranging in size from A4 down to A6 whilst the output tray has a capacity of up 25 sheets.

However the HP Envy 5030 has yet another trick up its sleeve to increase its economy.

When printing multipage documents many of use twice as much paper as we need to/

The fact that a sheet of paper has two sides is often overlooked as printing one side and thine turning it over to print the other is a laborious task.

The HP Envy 5030 will print both sides of the paper automatically not only saving an enormous amount of time but giving great economy by halving the paper usage on a multipage document. Simply select Automatic Duplex Printing on the control panel or the HP Smart App and the printer will print one side and then print the other in one,smooth operation,

The MP also prints on other media as well  as Plain Paper. HP Photo Papers, HP Matte Brochure or Professional Paper, HP Matte Presentation Paper, HP Glossy Brochure or Professional Paper, other Photo Inkjet Papers, other Matte Inkjet Papers, other Glossy Inkjet Papers, Plain Paper, Light/Recycled are also supported. Envelopes and cards can also be printed on.

The Scanner Function




As well as printing the unit includes a flatbed scanner mounted on the top. With the ability to scan up to an A4 size sheet of a single page or a bound book at a resolution of up to 1200 pixels per inch. The scan speed is 3 pages per minute in colour or 7 pages per minute in black.

It can scan to PDF, BMP, PNG, TIF or JPG file formats. With a scan speed of 3 pages per minute in colour or 7 pages per minute in black and white, instructions are entered by way of the front touchscreen, HP Scan software or the HP SmartApp.

The Copier Function

As well printing and scanning the HP Envy 5030 is a copier as well.The copier function is accessed through the same flatbed as the scanner and copies a document

Instructions are entered through the touchscreen display panel or by using the HP SmartApp. At a resolution of up to 600 x 300 it will print up to 8 pages per minute in black and 4 ppm in colour.

How Much Energy Does It Use?

Power consumption now a vital consideration these days. The HP Envy 5030 is economical to use with a mere 14W needed during printing,3.75 watts (Ready), 0.89 watts (Sleep), 0.11 watts (Off)

How Big Is It?

The amount of space needed is also an important consideration. When printing the HP Envy 5030 is just 445 mm wide, 36.7 mm deep and 128 mm high. When loading the pull out paper tray the depth increases to 564 mm. The printer weighs 5.41 kg.