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HP LaserJet Enterprise M507dn Printer Review

By Simon Williams
November 10, 2019

When there’s serious printing to be done, you need a printer that takes its job seriously. In this HP LaserJet Enterprise M507DN printer review, we explore how removing colour from your print can turn your enterprise printer into an absolute office workhorse. From basic functionality to security and paper handling, we'll uncover how the M507DN is the perfect officemate for those of you who want a printer that works just as hard as you.

When you're done reading our HP M507DN review, be sure to hit us up in the comments with any questions you have. Our expert team of printer and ink cartridge specialists are on hand to answer any queries you may have. Now, let's get into it.

HP LaserJet Enterprise M507DN Printer Review Summary:

For most organisations, the ability to print more efficiently, over printing in colour, is a genuine need. By having a printer that handles the basic printing functions to perfection, your office productivity over the course of year will soar. Everything is just that much faster.

The HP LaserJet Enterprise M507DN, although a simple mono printer on the outside, takes everything it can deliver, seriously. From serious print producitivity to serious paper handling, connectivity, security and energy efficiency, high quality printing enmass for medium to large workgroups has never been easier.

As one of 3 printers within the HP LaserJet Enterprise M507 family, the M507DN printer is an ethernet connected model that comes with automatic double sided printing and a 2.7inch LCD display. Whilst other models in the family have wireless capabilities, all M507 printers produce serious printing outputs. If you're looking for a printing unit that also comes with copiers and scanners then the M507DN is not for you.

However, if you sole task is to print mass documents in black and white, the HP LaserJet Enterprise M507DN is the perfect match. Scroll down as we go under the hood and break down printing outputs, security paper handling and much more in this HP LaserJet Enterprise M507DN printer review.


HP M507DN Print Productivity

When you’ve only got one task, you better do a damn good job. The HP LaserJet Enterprise M507DN is a mono laser printer for workgroups up to 16 people. By being a monoprinter, you can expect much faster printing speeds than your typical colour prints. Combine this with laser printing technology and the prints are just as crisp as they are fast.

The HP LaserJet M507DN monoprinter comes with the following printing speeds:

  • 43 pages per minute (one sided)
  • 34 pages per minute (double sided) 
  • 5.9 seconds (first page out)
  • 1200 x 1200 dots per inch (dpi) resolution. 

One of the coolest features of the M507DN is that it comes with automatic duplex printing. If you are eager to stay true to your organisations eco-friendly nature, whilst also saving significant amounts of time, the HP LaserJet Enterprise M507DN absolutely delivers on all fronts. Higher printing speeds and lower paper usage also result in larger cost savings of the course of a calendar year. Overall, when you compare the printing speeds of the M507DN to your typical colour or multifunction laser printer, you are achieving twice the amount of prints at much less cost to your organisation.

Page Yields & Printer Cartridges

True to enhancing productivity, the HP The printer uses just a single HP 89A Black Toner Cartridge.This sure does make replacing cartridges much easier for your organisation. Out of the box the HP 89A toner cartridge comes with a page yield of approximately 5,000 pages measured against the ISO standard.

For those of you who want to replace cartridges less often, there are also 2 larger cartridges in the HP 89X and the HP 89Y which deliver high page yields:

Extra high yield toner cartridges deliver extremely economical printing for your organisation. Typically, they cost less to purchase per page print and they also result in less time being spent in order replacements. To compound the efficient nature of the HP LaserJet Enterprise M507DN printer, all compatible cartridges come with HP JetIntelligence technology. This innovative toner technology requires up to 21% less energy consumption and can deliver up to 50% more pages per cartridge.


Paper Handling:

Medium to high volume printing for larger workgroups requires a variety of paper sizes and types. In addition to this, it also requires for the printer to handle reasonable quantities of paper at one time to ensure there is no stoppage in workflow.

With two adjustable input trays, the HP LaserJet Enterprise M507DN has you covered.

  • Paper Tray 1: 100 Sheets
  • Paper Tray 2: 550 Sheets

With a combined total of 650 sheets this will match most business needs. However, there's a surprise. The HP LaserJet Enterprise M507DN also has a magic trick up it's sleeve in that it can deliver 3 optional trays. Each one of these trays comes with a capacity of 550 sheets. This gives your organisation an total paper handling capacity of 2,300 sheets should all 3 trays be used. Now, that's some serious paper count.

In addition to large sheet capacity, big workgroups require different sizes of paper and media handling. To match this requirement, each tray in the HP Enterprise M507DN mono printer is multi-adjustable. This allows for the following types of paper sizes:

  • Tray 1: 76.2 x 127mm to 215.9 x 356.6mm
  • Tray 2: 105 x 149mm to 215.9 x 256.6mm

It’s not just about size though. Different jobs need to be printed on different materials. To meet this need each of the trays can accommodate paper types ranging from lightweight bond paper through to a heavier weight paper that may be preprinted, letterhead, or recycled. Other materials that can be printed on by the HP LaserJet Enterprise M507dn include enveloped cardstock, labels and transparencies. Media weights range from 60 to 200 gsm (grammes per square metre) for Tray 1 and 60 to 120 gsm in the other trays.

Printer Display & Connectivity

Multiple users need multiple ways to access the printer. As such, the HP LaserJet Enterprise M507DN has a wealth of connectivity as standard. Whilst limited in wireless connectivity, the HP LaserJet Enterprise M507DN serves through a dedicated hardwired network through 1 Gigabit Ethernet connection. Of course, because not all devices will be hardwired, there are also options for the occassional wireless printing. The HP LaserJet Enterprise also offers:

  • 1x Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Port
  • 2x Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Hosts

Inclusive of this, to meet the demands of a flexible workplace, there is optional functional for a dual band wireless station that is available through HP JetDirect 2900NW printing server. This printing server has mobile printing facilities that enable printing from:

  • Apple AirPrint™
  • Google Cloud Print™
  • HP ePrint.
  • Mopria™ Certified.
  • ROAM Compatibility.

As for the printer display, this comprises of a 6.86cm LCD Colour Graphics panel which is top mounted on the right hand side. As with all simply powerful devices, the display has also been made minimalistic. You will find a 24 character and numeric keypad which is pretty much all you'll ever need.

HP M507DN Printer Security:

Everyday computer networks around the world are easily infiltratable which causes vast data and financial loss for many organisations. What people often forget is that printers are a part of your network and are likely to be the most vulnerable if not endowed with high level security. 

The HP LaserJet Enterprise M507DN is claimed by HP to offer the world’s most secure printing. The comprehensive security suite contains numerous identity management measures and the printer constantly monitors for unauthorised access. By checking for operational codes and repairing itself should unidentified access be found, all outgoing network connections are checked in real-time to stop unauthorisd attempts to access your network. This also includes malware checks. 

See why printer security is important to your business, in this short video below.

Energy Consumption:

So far in this HP LaserJet Enterprise M507DN printer review, we have looked at how this mono laser printer improves your business productivity. Now, we turn to both it's carbon and physical.

High energy usage within an organisation is both monetarily and environmentally expensive. We have already seen how the use of HP JetIntelligence toner cartridges reduces energy consumption. However, this is not the only measure for reduced energy consumption. The HP M507DN printer model uses up to 29% less energy than its predecessors and consumes the following energy: 

  • 601W - Printing Mode
  • 7.6W - Standy Mode
  • 2.61W - Sleep Mode
  • 0.06W - Switched Off

Whilst slightly more energy is consumed than some HP Multifunction Printers or other HP LaserJet Printers, you have to remember the sheer power behind the Enterprise M507DN. To help combat energy waste and further reduce costs for your business, the HP M507DN comes with an Auto On/Off feature which recognises when the printer is not being used. Further to this, you can also set certain times of the day when the printer should be switched off. By monitoring activity and being responsive to office usage, the HP LaserJet Enterprise M507DN detects activity to ensure no delay for warming up. 

Physical Printer Size & Footprint:

As for the M507DN's physical footprint, this comes it at slightly smaller than you would expect for a powerhouse printing unit. Naturally, the printers size changes depending on how many trays are open and closed, however, you can expect the following specifications:

  • Standard (WxD): 418mm wide and 376mm deep.
  • Tray Open (WxD): 418mm wide and 639mm deep.
  • Standard (H): 299mm tall.
  • Optional Trays: 130mm for each tray.
  • Weight: 11.48kg for basic printer.

HP LaserJet Enterprise M507DN Mono Printer Review Conclusion:

When you take printing seriously, you need a printer that takes the task just as seriously you. The HP LaserJet Enterprise M507DN mono laser printer meets that criterion with speed and efficiency. Its versatility in paper handling and with the availability of optional extra paper trays, makes it capable of meeting the needs of workgroups. Despite its large printing power, the fairly compact size of the printer results with a tidy fit into your office.

By printing in black and white, the HP LaserJet M507DN will also reduce your operational costs. Then, there is the security. With some of HP's most advanced security technology, this makes the HP LaserJet Enterprise suitable for law practices, medical offices and accounting firms that need fast black and white printing; enmass. 

Did you like this HP LaserJet M507DN mono laser printer review? Hit us up in the comments with any questions you have and we would be more than happy to assist. Alternatively, head on over to our live chat feature to speak with our team directly.