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HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M631dn

By Simon Williams
October 5, 2017


For some users communicating in colour is not high on their list of needs but having access to the range of options available from a Multi-Function Printer, (MFP) is. Add on fast printing, scanning and copying, adaptability in paper handling, the ability to serve larger workgroups and low operating costs and you have a reasonable description of the HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M631dn.


With a scanner, copier and printer in the same package it offers versatility in functions offered to a larger workgroup. Importantly it has the ability to multitask meaning that if a user is printing another can access the copier or scanner.

Using the latest HP Laser technology, JetIntelligence, this MFP gives high volume output coupled with economy and a small footprint.



With a print speed of up to 52 pages per minute and a first page out time of 5.4 seconds it can keep up with print demands of larger workgroups of up to 25 users. Productivity gains need more than speed though. Stamina is just as important and, for an MFP, that means paper handling ability.


The HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M631dn is not lacking in this area either. It comes as standard with two adjustable paper trays. Paper tray one has a capacity of up to 100 sheets and is fully adjustable to take paper sizes from A$ down to postcard size. It also supports media weights from 60 gsm up to 200 gsm. This paper tray will also accept envelopes.

The second paper tray has a capacity of up to 550 sheets to meet higher productivity levels. It is adjustable as well to fit either A4 or A5 sheets. Larger workgroups often means high printing volumes.  If the paper capacity is limited this will cause delays when the paper tray needs to be refilled. To maximise productivity the machine can be fitted with optional paper trays to minimise delays when the paper runs out. There is a variety of configurations available to give a maximum of up to three additional paper trays with a total capacity of up to 3,100 sheets.

Obviously long print runs need a high output capacity to match the high input volume. To meet this demand the HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M631dn has a 500 sheet capacity output tray.

To truly maximise paper handling the HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M631dn includes automatic double sided (duplex) printing. Not only does it minimise paper usage but it prints both sides of the sheet in the same time that it prints on one side. 



Larger workgroups require access to the MFP from a variety of sources. Not everyone uses a networked computer to prepare their material. To meet this need the HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M631dn offers a variety of connections in addition to the 1 Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000T network connection. There are also a Hi-Speed Device USB 2.0 port, two Host USB (1 walk-up and 1 external accessible) ports and a Hardware Integration Pocket.

For even greater connectivity an HP Jetdirect 2900nw Print Server or an HP Jetdirect 3000w NFC/Wireless Accessory are also available as options.

To accommodate mobile device users the unit has HP ePrint, Apple AirPrint™, Mopria™ certified and Google Cloud Print 2.0 compatibility.


All functions are accessed by a large 20.3 cm colour graphics display touchscreen. The display panel can be rotated to give the best viewing angle. To make the home screen rapidly accessible the Nome button is illuminated for easy identification.


The scanner is accessed by an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) and a flatbed. The ADF has a capacity of up to 150 sheets and a maximum size of 215.9 mm x 863.6mm and a minimum size of 68 x 147 mm. The flatbed has a maximum scan size of 216 x 356 mm.

It can scan from both colour and B&W originals at a speed of 69 A4 pages per minute and 111 images per minute. Colour originals are changed to grey scale automatically.

In addition to scanning to print the scanner has an array of digital options. It can scan to email, network folder, save to USB drive and send to Sharepoint. It sends File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) over a secure connection, and can send to Internet Fax.


Using the same Flatbed and ADF as the scanner, the HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M631dn can produce 9,999 copies in B&W from an original at up to 52 copies per minute.at a resolution of 600 x 600 dots per inch (dpi) from the flatbed and 600 x 450 dpi from the ADF. It also includes enlarge of reduce settings from 25% to 400%


The MFP uses a single HP 37A Black JetIntelligence Toner Cartridge which gives a page yield of up to 11,000 pages. For greater economy it can also use the HP 37X Black High Yield JetIntelligence Toner Cartridge to give a page yield of up to 25,000 pages. For the highest level of economy the HP 37Y Black Extra High Yield Toner Cartridge to obtain a page yield of up to 41,000 pages before it needs to be replaced.

Access to the Toner Cartridge is through a pull down hatch on the left side of the device.

To maintain and ensure maximum productivity the HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M631dn printer is eligible to be a part of the CartridgesDirect AutoMATETM automated Ink Replenishment Program to ensure that the HP LaserJet Enterprise M652 and 653 series printers never runs low on toner no matter the workload and maintains its productivity. 

Learn about the CartridgesDirect AutoMATEth here.


Today, more than ever, security of your network is an imperative. An unsecured printer can provide an entry point for hackers to penetrate your network with potentially disastrous results.


However, these printers have the highest level of security of any printers in their class with HP JetAdvantage security built in. This suite gives security to your data with:

Embedded protection:

 Multi-level, built-in features help protect your printer against complex security threats from boot up to shut down.– HP Sure Start helps the device BIOS to boot up properly every time with unaltered HP genuine code and without corruption. If an anomaly is detected, the device can repair itself by rebooting.

– Whitelisting helps the device firmware to load properly with HP genuine code—without corruption—every time.

– Run-time intrusion detection guards against malware, by continually monitoring activity to detect and stop attacks. If an anomaly is detected, the device automatically reboots.

Encrypted storage with secure erase: The printer comes with built-in encryption to protect data.

When stored data is no longer needed, use built-in device capabilities to securely overwrite data and safely remove sensitive information. HP offers multiple mechanisms to erase stored data.

  • Ports and protocols: FTP and Telnet are closed by default to help prevent unsecure protocols from being used. Unused physical ports (such as host USB ports or network ports) can be disabled to prevent unauthorised use.

  • Administrator access control for device: You can set administrator passwords so only IT staff or other authorised personnel can set up and configure device settings.

  • Common Criteria Certification: HP Enterprise devices are certified as compliant with internationally recognised security standards, such as Common Criteria Certification (CCC) and FIPS 140.

Protect your data

  • Network protection: 802.1x or IPsec encrypted network standards can help protect data travelling over the network between the device and management tools such as HP Web Jetadmin5 or the Embedded Web Server.

  • Encrypt data in transit Protects print jobs traveling to the device with encryption such as Internet Print Protocol over TLS (IPPS). Or, Secure Encrypted Print with HP Universal Print Driver37 provides true symmetric AES256 print job encryption and decryption from the client to the page based on a user-defined password using FIPS 140 validated cryptographic libraries from Microsoft. By using CipherSuite Encryption Strength the encryption strength can be varied to prevent the use of legacy or insecure protocols for data in transit.

To protect data at rest he optional HP High-Performance Secure Hard Disk provides full 256-bit AES hardware encryption protects sensitive business information, such as print jobs or passwords. By adding the optional HP Trusted Platform Module (TPM) accessory protection of encrypted credentials and data by automatically sealing device encryption keys to the TPM can be selected. It provides secure device identity by generating and protecting certificate private keys.4

  • Firewall: Prevent malware and viruses from entering your network by limiting printer access to computing devices in network.

  • Authentication and authorisation: Manage user access using native features or optional solutions. With native user authentication, you can require users to sign in with PIN/PIC, LDAP, or Windows/Kerberos authentication. You can also integrate these with Active Directory. With optional authentication solutions like HP Access Control, you can enable advanced authentication using proximity cards or NFC-enabled mobile devices. The Hardware Integration Pocket enables integration of select card readers.

  • Role-based access controls: Restrict access to management utilities, avoid unwanted device configurations, and help reduce costs and security risks through printer feature restrictions. With HP FutureSmart 4, you have more control than ever before over device security and permission settings. IT administrators can decide who can interact with certain device capabilities.

– Optional HP Access Control Rights Management allows you to give different capabilities to different users, or even entire departments, depending on their needs. For example, you can give users access to specific imaging and printing devices to promote a more responsible use of company assets.

  • Mobile printing: Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth Low Energy 15 and NFC touch-to-print allows mobile users to connect to the printer without accessing the company network. HP also offers server based mobile print solutions that provide secure pull printing, as well as advanced management and reporting capabilities.

  • CA and Device Identity Certificates: This printer supports identity certificates signed by a corporate certificate authority, which provides verification of identity and authenticity. This device also supports CA certificates for validation of identity certificates. Certificates can enable secure end-to-end communications with the device when used with features like IPsec, Secure-IPP,

Safeguard your physical documents

HP offers several solutions to help keep documents from falling into the wrong hands and help prevent fraud.

  • PIN/Pull printing: Have documents held and released only to the person who printed them. Pull printing solutions help protect sensitive data by requiring authentication at the device, and give users the flexibility of pulling the documents from any device that is enabled with the solution.

– Built-in PIN printing: When users send confidential print jobs, they assign a PIN which they must enter at the device to release the job.

– HP JetAdvantage Secure Print: With this affordable solution designed for SMB, jobs can be stored in the cloud or on the user’s desktop. It’s easy to set up and use, allows users to release jobs from a mobile device, and supports multi-vendor devices.

– HP JetAdvantage Private Print: With HP’s free cloud-based solution you get the advantages of pull printing, without the complexity. It is simple to set up and does not require a server, installation, or maintenance.

– HP Access Control Secure Pull Printing: This optional robust server-based solution offers multiple forms of authentication including badge release, as well as enterprise level security, management, and scalability.



Low energy consumption is a vital issue these days. Although it is a hardworking device, the JetIntelligence technology reduces its energy usage. It uses just 740 watts  when printing or copying, 29.0 watts (ready), 3.3 watts (sleep), <0.1 watts (Auto Off/Manual On), <0.1 watts (Manual Off).


Office space is also critical these days. The HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M631dn occupies very little space to work hard. When closed up it has a footprint of 512 x 558 mm and a height of 640 mm. This increases to 1030 x 808 x 865 mm (right side jam access door open, left side cartridge door open, all feeders open and extended, ADF open). It has a weight of 33.2 kgs.


If you’re looking for a Black and White Multifunction Printer that is capable of handling heavy workloads for a larger workgroup and offers a lot of versatility in a relatively small space then the HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M631dn is really worth considering.