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HP Sprocket Review - Multiple Memories In Your Pocket

HP Sprocket Review - Multiple Memories In Your Pocket
By Simon Williams
May 15, 2017

A memorable moment can happen at any time, with anyone and anywhere. Of course you capture the moment on your Smartphone. You store it in the phone and you can send it to friends. Often that moment is so special that you want to share it, in a special way, with a hard copy. Then you and your friends have a permanent memory for your bag or wallet. But you have to wait until you are near a printer. But not anymore.


Introducing The HP Sprocket..


The HP Sprocket is a Wi-Fi printer that fits into your pocket and prints out 5cms x 8cms photos from your smartphone. What’s even better is that if you peel away the back covering the print can be stuck on to any surface. Connectivity to the Smartphone is by Bluetooth 3.0 or NFC and it works with Android V4.4 or later as well as iOS V8.0 or later.

The HP Sprocket is controlled by a downloadable App from your Smartphone. The App allows you to access photos from your camera roll, or social media accounts, edit them and print them. The edit functions lets you customise your picture with different styles and coloured borders. You can add a caption with arrange of typefaces and sizes, place them anywhere you like on picture. You can add Emoji’s, stickers, rotate the image and add colour filters. You can be totally creative with the memory you have created. When you’ve got the image you want just print it.

And if that wasn't enough... This video from HP will surely do the trick.

Sprocket In My Pocket Video


The new HP Sprocket is a printer that you keep in your pocket or bag for those memorable happenings. HP Sprocket gives you instant prints, anywhere, anytime to share with anyone, on the spot. With a peel off backing your photo can be stuck anywhere; on Memory Boards, in Photo Albums, Scrapbook, and workbooks. All the baby photos on your Smartphone can be printed out and stuck in a Baby Book to keep a permanent record of your baby growing up. You can make your own Cookery Book with photos of memorable meals together with the recipes. The uses are only bounded by your imagination and, with the comprehensive edit suite every image can be a work of creative genius.

How To Use The Sprocket Review


It’s small and light measuring just 116 x 75 x 23 mm and weighing a mere 17.2 gm it’s about the same size as a Smartphone and easily fits a pocket or bag. In fact it’s only a little bigger than the photo paper it prints on. How can a printer be this small and light? By doing away with ink or toner cartridges and using a revolutionary technology called ZINKTM. Standing for Zero Ink, the secret is in the paper and is the first new printing technology since the inkjet printer. It doesn’t use ink but layers of colourless crystals which release the colour when heat is applied. It prints all colours in a single pass, unlike some other portable printers which take three passes, with each HP Sprocket print taking less than 40 seconds.

The paper tray has a 10 sheet capacity and is accessed by pushing the top back with the thumb and lifting it up. The ZINKTM  paper is loaded with the blue sheet on the bottom, and this sheet is ejected before the first phot is printed. Your print comes out dry, is water resistant and gives you a permanent, hard copy of your memories that you can stick on any surface or keep in your purse or wallet to live them over and over again.

Packs of ZINKTM paper and are available from CartridgesDirect by ordering here.

The HP Sprocket is available in two colours and trims; Black with silver trim or White with copper trim. With the HP Sprocket pocket printer you can make a permanent copy of your memory at the same time as you make the memory.