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Keep Calm And Carry On Printing - The HP Deskjet GT 58 Series Review

Keep Calm And Carry On Printing - The HP Deskjet GT 58 Series Review
By Simon Williams
December 15, 2017

We get to a critical point in a print run and the quality of the print drops away as the cartridge runs out. Printing photos, especially 10” x 8” and A4 sizes, takes more ink than ordinary printing and so the need to replace cartridges more frequently may deter some users from printing large format photos. 


To try to overcome this problem some tried fitting a Continuous Ink Supply System to their printer with, mostly, unsatisfactory results. The plumbing involved. Connecting the feeder tubes to the printhead will often leak and make a mess, refilling the reservoir can also be a messy business. The ink available for CISS adaptations will not be the same formula as Original Ink. The printhead on an inkjet printer is an intricate piece of technology. It has thousands of microscopic nozzles dropping tiny ink drops onto the paper at a precise rate and position to create the document. If any of those nozzles becomes blocked the result is far from satisfactory. Using non Original ink increases the likelihood of this happening.


The Printer Manufacturers have responded to this need by introducing Inkjet Printers that include an integrated bulk ink system. Being a standard feature rather than an aftermarket add-0n the printers overcome the disadvantages of a third party CISS and use Original Ink formulation to give the very best print quality.

HP have introduced the HP DeskJet GT 5810 and HP DeskJet GT 5820 Inkjet Printers which feature a bulk ink delivery system. Both have copying and scanning capability as well. Both models will print in both black and white and colour.


Both models are refilled using the HP BT51 Black bottle which gives a page yield of up to 6,000 pages when printing in black only. There are four replenishment HP GT 52 Ink Bottles in Cyan, Magenta and Yellow which give a page yield of 8,000 pages each.

Refilling the ink tanks when they are running low is simplicity itself as this video shows


It’s a simple task without any mess or special equipment. This is in contrast to aftermarket CIS systems which can be messy to refill and require the use of a syringe to inject the ink.




There are two models in the range; the HP DeskJet GT 5810 and the HP DeskJet GT 5820. Both are more than just printers, they are Multi-Function Printers (MFP). They include copying and scanning functions as well. Both of these features are accessed by a flatbed scanner mounted on the top, of the MFP. This will fit an A4 sheet as an original. Being a low cost MFP it will only scan and copy the same size as the original as it does not give the ability to enlarge or reduce the original. They are designed as home printers and not business printers so the copying and scanning capabilities are limited to 9 copies. This is adequate for the majority of home users.


The difference between the two is that the HP DeskJet GT 5810 needs to be connected to a PC, Tablet or phone using a USB 2.0 connection while the HP DeskJet GT 5820 adds Wi-Fi to its connectivity range. The addition of Wi-Fi lets you print from a smartphone, either and iPhone or Android directly without a wire connection. This means that printing can be done by way of HP ePrint, HP Smart app, HP ePrint mobile app, Print solution for Android and Kindle devices and Apple AirPrint.


This series are designed primarily for home use so long print runs are rarely required. What is required is the ability to print on, and feed, a wide range of media types. Here the HP DeskJet GT 58 series excels. The input tray, which supplies the printer with fresh material, has a capacity of up to 60 sheets of plain paper with sizes ranging from A6 to A4.. Alternatively it will hold up to 10 sheets of labels, 5 envelopes. Most importantly for a home printer, it has a second paper tray to use when printing photos. This has a maximum capacity of up to 20 sheets of photo paper varying in size from 10 x 15 cm up to 216 x 280 cm and including the popular 10 x 8 inch size.

In most cases the output tray has a capacity of half that of the input tray.


The control panel is simplicity itself. He display is an LCD screen that is 2.54 mm long and 16 mm high. All functions are displayed by different icons making it very easy to read as there is no text displayed.


The HP DeskJet GT 58 series doesn’t need a lot of space. Both versions are just 254 mm high with the paper tray extended during printing and only 157.52 mm high when closed up. It’s just 533.4 mm wide including the ink tanks and a maximum height of 579 mm with all trays fully extended and 310 mm high when closed up. It weighs just under 5 kgs with all ink tanks filled to capacity so it will fit into almost any space available.


Both units have an internal power supply, meaning that the unit is fully self-contained and the power lead connects directly from the MFP to a powerpoint as it operates on mains power.


If you are looking for a home printer that does everything very cost effectively, then the HP DeskJet GT 58 series ids hard to go past. It certainly makes a significant reduction to the cost of printing photos with its inbuilt Continuous Ink Supply. The innovative refilling method eliminates the mess and intricacy so often a part of living with an aftermarket continuous ink supply system. For home use these printers offer more than just printing and photo printing from your PC picture files and your smartphone, but offer scanning and copying with the option of Wi-Fi available.



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