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We’re on a mission to ensure that 100% of all supplied printer cartridges go though the preferred recycling procces Want to join the fight? - Fill out the form with your details and we'll show you how you can contribute to this mission.

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Help Us Save The Environment...

For several years Cartridges Direct have promoted the Ethical Recycling of Original Printer Cartridges at their EOL as a corporate citizenship criterion. Although EOL Printer Cartridges can be perceived as an environmental threat there is absolutely no need as the solution to ethical recycling is as easy as it is practical. In the next 5 years, Cartridges Direct would like to prevent 3 million ink cartridges sold in Australia from ending up in landfill - and we need your help!

70% In Landfill

Over 70% of the estimated 25 million printer cartridges sold in Australia each year, end up in landfill.

400 - 1000 Years

What’s worse, it can take up to 1000 years for each printer cartridge to fully degrade. That’s a long time!

375 Million+

In the USA, over 375 million cartridges are thrown away each year. Our mission is to work towards zero!

Cartridges In Landfill - The Real Statistics.

70% of the estimated 25 million printer cartridges sold in Australia each year end up in landfill. That is not just an environmental pollutant, but a waste of non-renewable resources. Not to mention that cartridge landfill is a known cause of cancer related deaths from carcinogens and one of the world’s largest culprits of global warming. Help us spread the message so we can all learn to respect our beautiful environment.

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The Alternative Solution - It’s free!

Ethical Recycling is the perfect alternative - and extremely easy too! Printer cartridges are made from many non-renewable resources. Yet every single component can be recovered and then reused in numerous other applications. With Ethical Recycling there is zero waste as nothing ends up in landfill. Register your interest to find out more about how we, together, can spread the message of concern and ensure that more people get on board with a free recycling solution that they can use in their home, business or organisation.

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