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CartridgesDirect - 15 Years Of Market Leading Innovation

CartridgesDirect - 15 Years Of Market Leading Innovation
By Simon Williams
January 26, 2021

It’s been an incredible 15 years since 2006 for CartridgesDirect! From beginnings in an oversized garage in suburban Melbourne to now one of the largest, and most respected, online resellers of printer cartridges in Asia. It has been a story of innovation, dedication to principles and dedication to our ever-expanding customer base.

The Beginning.

Although 2006 was only 15 years ago it seems like 50 years ago as far as everyday technology is concerned. Amazon launched cloud-based Services for the first time, the Nintendo Wii was launched. Incredibly it was the year that the first video was uploaded to YouTube and the first iPhone was still a year away. 

In 2006, 6 million, or 74% of Australian households, had a computer in the home, but only 5 million had internet access. Internet Banking which is now so important for online shopping was only 5 years old and mobile internet banking was still a few years into the future. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics just under 7 million people from a population of 20 million in Australia, used the internet to buy goods for themselves in 2006.

It was into this new, and largely unknown, business environment that CartridgesDirect quietly launched with a largely online retailing model. With most startup companies failing within their first two years, for us it has been a time of milestones rather than gravestones. 

Our Customers.

With 15 years of experience in remanufacturing toner cartridges in Australia and internationally, it was not long before people flocked to the website because of the outstanding service and expertise we offered. Although we had a shop, it was not very long before we needed larger premises to handle online demand. Our belief that online retailing would hugely expand in Australia was vindicated.

The Australian public wanted the convenience of shopping from home without the time-wasting of travelling to a retail outlet and possibly finding that the outlet was either out of stock or didn’t handle the item wanted. A well designed and managed website shows the customer what the range and stock levels are at any time. Backed up by lower prices and next day delivery to most of Australia we were on a winner.

Switching to Original Printer Cartridges.

Although we sold remanufactured and compatible printer cartridges at the start we soon dropped them from the range in favour of Original Printer Cartridges. The main reason was the superior quality of Original Printer Cartridges over compatibles. Original Printer Cartridges are made by the same company that made the printer so they are guaranteed to work with it. They also receive constant Research and Development to improve their performance even further. Vitally for us, the Original Printer Cartridge manufacturers make provision for their zero waste recycling at the end of life. Compatible cartridge manufacturers make no such provision for their products and don’t care about the environmental damage and resource waste their products cause.

Caring for the environment.

Environmental issues have been a keystone for us at CartridgesDirect since the very beginning. We have been strong promoters of Cartridges 4Planet Ark and their empty cartridge collection programs. We are so committed to the zero-waste recycling of the products we sell that we now offer our customers a totally free home collection service. We can provide them with a postage-paid satchel to fill with over eight empty inkjet printer cartridges so they can post it in any post box.  This is particularly useful for home and small businesses who may feel that they don't use enough cartridges to gain many benefits from other collection services.

The current pandemic has obviously enhanced the online retailing business significantly but it has also meant that some users cannot justify the cost of Original Printer Cartridges. To meet the needs of this market segment we are introducing a range of lower-cost compatible printer cartridges  This will be a gradual process as we have to be certain that they are of a high enough quality  Compatible cartridge manufacturers do not take responsibility for the damage to the environment that their products can cause so we have to take on that responsibility ourselves. To overcome the environmental damage of compatible printer cartridges we are paying for the zero-waste recycling of the compatible printer cartridges we sell so they can be included in our free Home Collection Service.

Innovating for the future.

There have been other innovations. Automate is a remote monitoring system for volume users that not only monitors the ink or toner levels in printers but also automatically reorders replenishment when levels reach a certain level set by the user. The dedication, skill and product knowledge of all the staff at CartridgesDirect has given the organisation impetus and growth on an impressive scale.

These initiatives have not gone unnoticed by the industry or the public. Industry recognition has included the award of HP Supplies Partner of the Year on two occasions, HP Growth Partner of the Year, Largest Revenue Growth in HP Supplies, and Outstanding Online Partner for Asia Pacific Region.

This is only possible by the buying public recognising the outstanding levels of service they receive coupled with the integrity of CartridgesDirect. The customer base in excess of 250,00 in Australia and offices in Hong Kong have resulted in more and larger warehousing facilities; forming the base for more initiatives and expansion in 2021.


Michael Rogers wrote:

CARTRIDGES DIRECT WAS A VERY LUCKY DISCOVERY BACK WHEN I WAS HAVING CONNIPTIONS OVER THE PRICE AT Big-W. I've used C-D totally for my needs. I do get muddled up by Web Sites and when I phone in my order the phone staff are most agreeable and efficient. (By the way another order to follow in a month or two,) Regards, Michael Rogers Port Macquarie, NSW

On 2/2/2021 9:56 AM

Simon Williams replied:

Thank you very much for your kind words Michael. We're looking forward to your next order! :-)

On 2/2/2021 10:15 AM