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Best Office Headsets & Headphones

Best Office Headsets & Headphones
By Simon Williams
July 11, 2022

Unless you’re a muso, buying the best office headsets can often be one of the most underrated pieces of office gear and technology available. Many of us don’t really consider whether our office audio equipment is up to scratch until we’re scrambling to prepare for a digital interview or a conference call.

Workers across the globe began to realise the value of investing in quality audio equipment for their professional communication needs in the midst the pandemic, which saw a global majority of office workers transition into remote work. Audio equipment has simply become essential for working remotely or maintaining a hybrid work model.

There’s no denying, however, that having the best audio equipment such as work headsets and earphones in your office space and at your disposal is of great benefit. This is for more reasons than just managing professional communications alone. And there’s a little more to consider over headphones vs. earphones when it comes to selecting the ideal office headphones for you.

That’s why our tech specialists have taken it upon themselves to collate their top picks when it comes to the best office headphones available here at CartridgesDirect. Keep on reading to unearth our most highly recommended office headphones, headsets, in-ear headphones, and more so that you can find the perfect personal audio gear for your office or home office space.

Let’s find the best work headphones for your office or home office at CartridgesDirect!

Moki Noise Cancelling Headphones

Moki Noise Cancelling Headphones (Best Budget Office Headset)

Brand: Moki
Price: From $77.99 (+ Free Shipping)

Many of us probably won’t need something too flashy to help us get through the workday. If you’re after a good pair of budget headphones that’ll provide you with active noise cancelling technology to reduce the influence of ambient or extraneous noise or distractions, then Moki’s Noise Cancelling Headphones are likely to be a good pick for you.

Unlike other wireless headphones, Moki’s Noise Cancelling Headphones are battery powered, meaning you won’t have to worry about charging your headphones at the end of the day and can enjoy higher battery life than can be expected from other headphones at this modest price range.

The active noise cancelling capabilities boasted by these headphones is also a surprise to see on this budget-friendly audio tech. You don’t really expect headphones that are under $100 to have ANC, primarily because the additional technology required for active vs. passive noise cancelling tends to place ANC headphones into higher price brackets.

These headphones are fitted with a removable 3.5mm standard audio cable, a 3.5mm mic’d audio cable, a travel pouch, and two airline adaptors for total on-the-go convenience. Microphone clarity on the second audio cable is of a reasonable quality for a headset at this price point, although we wouldn’t recommend it to any working in larger open office spaces.

Regardless, with the sheer number of inclusions that these headphones have to offer at their incredibly conservative pricepoint, Moki’s Noise Cancelling Headphones are sure to become one of the most valuable pieces of personal technology in your office space.

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SteelSeries Arctis Pro Headset (Best Office Wireless Headset)

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Headset (Best Office Wireless Headphones)

Brand: SteelSeries
Price: From $690.00 (+ Free Shipping)

If you’re looking for a set of office headphones with a little more oomph to them and perhaps a more powerful in-line microphone too, look no further than the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Headset. SteelSeries has made a strong name for themselves in the gaming tech market, with their Arctis Pro Wireless Headset being named one of the most popular gaming headsets available for gamers today.

The Arctis Pro Wireless can connect to your work laptop or PC in three different ways: through the 2.4G wireless audio connection made available through its transmitter base station, through Bluetooth connectivity, or simply by plugging the headphone’s USB transmitter into the side of your work computer. In other words, the Arctis Pro Wireless Headset can be used both at home via Wi-Fi as well as in the office, making it the perfect set of wireless office headphones for hybrid workers.

The Arctis Pro Wireless Headset’s transmitter base station also comes fitted with an OLED display that allows headset users to customise their audio settings depending on what they may be using the headset for (listening to music or sitting in on a call), or even the noise conditions of their wider working environment.

The Arctis Pro’s retractable boom ClearCast microphone has been tried and tested by many tech enthusiasts and pro gamers over the years, with virtually all of them reporting back with positive feedback. The majority of reviews for the Arctis Pro Wireless comment on the impeccable audio and microphone reproduction that has been made possible by both the headphone’s dynamic transducer as well as the boom mic’s physical acoustic design, perfect for providing optimal noise rejection.

Although these are the primary selling points for the Arctis Pro Wireless Headset, the specs list for this beast of a headset will continue for pages and pages if we don’t stop here. We haven’t even mentioned the headset’s dual battery system, high-density neodymium speaker drivers, and the Pro Wireless Headset’s almost universal compatibility with computers, consoles, and other personal tech. Simply put, the Arctis Pro Wireless is guaranteed to be a good investment for most of you tech heads out there.

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Turtle Beach Recon 200 Gen 2 Headphones

Turtle Beach Recon 200 Gen 2 Gaming Headset (Best Office Wired Headphones)

Brand: Turtle Beach
Price: From $89.00 (+ Free Shipping)

Not all of us are won over by wirelessness in headphones. For many, wireless headphones can come with their fair share of difficulties, ranging from suddenly losing charge or experiencing connectivity issues, to accidentally pairing with other devices when you seem to need them most. If you’d prefer a pair of headphones that come fitted with a standard 3.5mm audio cable for easy connectivity with all of your personal devices, then we’re inclined to recommend the Turtle Beach Recon 200 Gen 2 Gaming Headset.

Just like the Arctis Pro Wireless, the Recon 200 Gen 2’s boast neodymium speaker drivers, audio and microphone customisation settings, and multiplatform compatibility that’s only made easier and sweeter with the Recon 200 Gen 2’s 3.5mm connectivity. It’s important to note too that there are some ways that the Recon 200 Gen 2 actually outperforms the Arctis Pro Wireless! For starters, the Recon 200 Gen 2 is fitted with an omni-directional microphone whilst the Arctis Pro Wireless microphone is just bi-directional.

Alongside this, the Recon 200 Gen 2 has pretty impressive build quality and comfort features given its conservative price point, meaning you’re getting a premium fit and feel for literally a fifth of the price of the Arctis Pro Wireless. And all of you bespectacled folk out there can enjoy increased comfort too, with the Recon 200 Gen 2’s ultra-soft over-ear cushions with patented ProSpecs™ memory foam that provides built-in grooves specifically to minimise the risks of your frames digging into the sides of your head when wearing these headphones.

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Moki 90 Sport Earphones

Moki 90 Sport Earphones (Best In Ear Headphones)

Brand: Moki
Price: From $17.30 (+ Shipping)

Speaking of glasses wearers, chances are many of you have more or less sworn off over-ear headphones specifically because of how fiddly they can be to get on. If you’re not one for wearing over-ear headsets and prefer the convenience of in-ear headphones, then we have to recommend Moki’s 90 Sport Earphones.

Named for their unique 90-degree angle design, these sports earphones are perfect for those looking for a bit of added stability and security without having to stuff their earbuds too deep into their ear canals. The 90 Sport Earphones’ flexible ear hooks are optimally designed to keep these innovative and cost-effective earphones firmly in place regardless of whether you’re sitting at your desk or are listening to music or a podcast while on the go.

The physical design of the Moki 90 Sport Earphones is well worth exploring here as well, as these earphones actually possess passive noise cancelling capabilities, all thanks to their moulded earbuds and secure 90-degree angle design.

The one downside to these highly budget-friendly and practical earphones is simply that they lack a built-in microphone, so they’re not recommended for anybody who’s looking for digital communications tech. Even so, these are ideal for commuters or professionals who are after some reliable wired active earphones that are sure to provide a higher quality audio experience whilst still staying firmly in place.

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SHOKZ Aeropex Wireless Open-Ear Headphones

SHOKZ Aeropex Wireless Open-Ear Headphones (Best Open Ear Headphones For Open Plan Offices)

Brand: SHOKZ
Price: From $77.99 (+ Free Shipping)

Open-ear headphones are still considered fairly new-age and experimental to some, despite the fact that they have indeed been on the market for the better half of a decade now. Whilst this kind of headphone design has been done before, there is undoubtedly an influx of open-ear headphones available to consumers that have been poorly designed. So how can you tell the difference between a good pair of open-ear headphones and a pair that may be lacking in quality? 

Pay attention to the actual audio technology being utilised by any pair of open-ear headphones is always a good place to start. For instance, SHOKZ Aeropex Wireless Open-Ear Headphones take advantage of their patented bone conduction technology that allows headphone users to experience tailored audio quality without even having to worry about ambient noise. This is precisely what makes open-ear headphones the ultimate audio accessory for any working in an open plan office! Gone are the days where you’d have to choose between maintaining focus by donning headphones or staying in the loop with office chatter by keeping your ears free.

The Aeropex Open-Ear Headphones are also fitted with a dual noise cancelling microphone for optimal audio reproduction during phone or video calls. And what if you’re talking or listening on the go? Well the Aeropex can help you out there too, as the headphones’ patented vibration audio speaker system is positioned precisely to allow for more bass, less feedback, and a consistently clear frequency response correlating to the natural human voice range. This essentially means that these headphones are designed specifically to help you manage phone calls or listen to podcasts without necessarily having to lock yourself away in a quiet room.

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Logitech H390 USB Computer Headset

Logitech H390 USB Computer Headset (Best USB Computer Headset For Conference Calls)

Brand: Logitech
Price: From $77.99 (+ Free Shipping)

Last but not least, if you’re after a great all-round USB computer headset for traditional conference calls or digital interviews, then we have to recommend Logitech’s H390 USB Computer Headset. The scramble to prepare for the shift into remote work in 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns saw Logitech’s H390 headsets and their other USB headset models sell out in mass amounts across the globe. Thankfully, following all the craziness of lockdowns, stock numbers for the H390 headsets has stabilised once more, so those who missed out over these past few years can finally grab themselves a pair of these popular USB headsets for their home office space.

Every way that you look at this USB headset, you’re sure to see a design that’s been developed for peak comfort and functionality above all else. The H390’s comfortable headband and ear cushions make this headset easy enough to wear all day without even realising you’ve got it on. Efficient in-line microphone and volume controls allow you to maintain total accessibility during internet calling. Calls can also be muted with a single touch of a button on your in-line controls. In a nutshell, the H390 is a highly utilitarian piece of office audio tech, and that in itself has proven to be a major selling point for millions of consumers around the world.

The H390’s bi-directional built-in microphone is perfectly suited for those working from home, within cubicle workstations, or any who may work in less dense or generally quieter office environments. We cannot recommend the H390 headset to those working in more densely populated office spaces, however, as you may find the H390’s microphone and audio quality will struggle to contend against stronger extraneous noise.

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Best Office Headphones Roundup

So there you have it. Our editors hand picked list of the best office headphones you can buy right here at CartridgesDirect in Australia for a varierty of use cases. Although not all of the best office headphones that we’ve included in this list are likely to be to your tastes, chances are that one or two of them are sure to tick all the boxes you’ve laid out for yourself in your search for your ideal work-friendly audio equipment. 

If you’d like to browse a little further, simply head to the new office audio equipment section of our online store to explore our full range of headphones, earphones, computer headsets, and desktop or bluetooth speakers. We guarantee you'll be able to find the perfect technology to add to your arsenal. For any questions or queries regarding our range of office audio equipment or other office technology, simply get in touch with our tech specialists here at CartridgesDirect.

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