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Lexmark MB3442adw Multifunction Printer Review

Lexmark MB3442adw Multifunction Printer Review
By Simon Williams
December 9, 2020

Versatility is the cornerstone of small business. To be successful, not only do you need the ability to embrace and perform numerous tasks, all of this needs to be done quickly, to a high standard and as economically as possible. The Lexmark MB3442adw multifunction printer handles all of this and more. Find out how the Lexmark MB3442adw multifunction laser printer is suitable for both home and home office printing in our Lexmark MB3442adw printer review.

Lexmark MB3442ADW Printer Review Summary

The Lexmark MB3442adw is a multifunction printer that adopts the form of your perfect staff member. Its ability to print, scan, copy and fax gives the MB3442ADW enough flexibility to deliver; without taking up too much space. As for the print speed, the MB3442adw processes 40 pages a minute with laser accuracy.

This blend of speed and quality output alongside standard double-sided printing and low power usage makes for an economical choice of printers for small businesses.

As a multifunction enhancement of the Lexmark B3442dw, the MB3442adw shares all its printing features and capabilities with the additional capabilities of scanning, copying and faxing. It was selected as the Editor’s Choice for 2020 as a Better Buy by PCMag which tells you pretty much everything you need to know. Alongside this, the MB3442adw is a part of the Lexmark GO Line of printers that have been developed and designed to meet the needs of small business. All Lexmark GO Line printers are compact, efficient and extremely capable.

Lexmark MB3442adw Multifunction Printer Review

Lexmark MB3442adw Print Productivity

Despite its physical size, the Lexmark MB3442adw is fast off the mark with a first A4 size page out time of 5.9 seconds. This speed is then upheld with a continuing print speed of 40 pages per minute. When set for duplex, or double-sided printing, the Lexmark MB3442adw prints up to 18 sheets per minute without interference.

As for resolution, the MB3442adw monochrome multifunction printer delivers cutting edge laser print outs. With a resolution of 2400 x 600 dots per inch (dpi) and 600 x 600 dpi in draft mode, the MB3442adw delivers both speed and quality at the same time. For all small business owners, speed is something that should go uncompromised and the MB3442adw meets every requirement you could ever need. This is also supported 

Compatible Ink Cartridges & Page Yields

As with all laser printers, the Lexmark MB3442adw uses toners instead of cartridges. In particular, the Lexmark MB3442adw uses Lexmark B346 series toner cartridges which are available in three sizes. These come in the following formats:

  • B346000 - (Page Yield = 1,500 Pages)
  • B346H00High Yield - (Page Yield = 3,000 Pages) 
  • B346XA0 - (Page Yield = 6,000 Pages)

Naturally, when shopping for toner cartridges, you should always look for special offers and consider your printing needs. If you print regularly and are looking to save money, then it is wise to purchase a larger toner cartridge or one with high page yields which will reduce your cost per printed page. Click the link to find out more about how to save money printing.

Lexmark MB3442adw Scanner Copier Printer

Scanning Functionality

In addition to printing, the Lexmark MB3442adw monochrome multifunction printer can scan original documents and make copies of them. Both functions can be accessed from a 50 sheet Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) or a flatbed scanner which are located on the top of the multifunction printer. The ADF will take sheets up to A4 size whilst the flatbed scanner has a maximum scan area of 215.9 x 355.6 mm.

The MB3442adw MFP printer can scan originals at a speed of 46x A4 sides per minute and 20x A4 sides per minute from colour originals converting them to grayscale. When scanning a double-sided original from the ADF, both sides of an A4 document are scanned in a single pass doubling the scan speed to 92 sides per minute and 40 sides per minute if the original is in colour.

The original document is scanned optically at a resolution of 600 x 600 pixels per inch (ppi).

The scan, of course, can be printed or it can be converted into a digital fife format such as:

  • TIFF
  • PDF
  • JPG or JPEG

Additionally, the Lexmark MB4332adw can also digitally send the document to a range of destinations such as:

  • Email.
  • USB or a computer on the network.
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Unlike other multifunction printers that offer a much wider range of digital formats, the MB3442adw has taken into account the needs of most businesses by simply offering the most used file formats that you will ever need to run your operations.

Copying Functionality

Similarly to the scanner, the copying function is also accessed from either the ADF or the flatbed plate. When at full speed, up to 99 copies can be made at a time with print out speed of up to 39x A4 pages per minute. This also comes with the first copy out in 5.9 seconds just like the normal printing function. Once more, if double-sided copying is selected, the Lexmark MB3442adw multifunction printer delivers speeds of up to 18 sides per minute.

An original can be either reduced or enlarged in size between 25 and 400%.

All the functions of the Lexmark MB3442adw are accessed from the downloadable Lexmark Smart App on a Smartphone. Alternatively, there is also a top-mounted 7.2 cm LCD Touch Panel should you be sat next to the printer.

Fax Capabilities

A fax facility is included with the Lexmark MB3442adw as standard. Although some regard fax as a rather old fashioned communication method it does offer the highest level of secure transmission as, unlike internet transmission, it cannot be hacked or a virus introduced into the network. The modem in the Lexmark MB3442adw has a transmission speed of 33.6 kbps which means that it takes less than 3 seconds to transmit a page.

Lexmark MB3442adw Monochrome Laser Printer

Paper Handling

As you can probably gather by this section of the article, the Lexmark MB3442adw is versatile in its ability to not just print but scan, copy and fax as well. To perform all these functions this MFP is versatile in its paper handling as well.

The Lexmark MB3442adw comes as standard with 2 paper trays. One is at the base of the printer and has a maximum capacity of 250 sheets and is adjustable to take a range of paper sizes from A6 through A5 to A6 as well as US Legal and Letter sizes. It can also take C5 and DL envelopes. Small to medium businesses often need to print on more than just copy paper. The Lexmark MB442adw will feed media weights ranging between 60 and 120 grammes per square metre (gsm)

The front panel of the printer folds down to become a second paper tray with a capacity of up to 100 sheets of the same sizes as the main paper tray. However, it will feed various media weights ranging from 60 to 217 gsm.

Using the control panel the two paper trays can be linked from the 2 lines All Points Addressable (APA) monochrome LCD display to feed the same sheet size and weight to give a total capacity of 350 sheets with an automatic changeover from one tray to the next giving uninterrupted printing. Alternatively, the two trays can be set to operate independently allowing each tray to use different print media for different print jobs.

For businesses that need a lot of uninterrupted printing, the Lexmark B3443dw can be fitted with an optional 550 sheet capacity paper tray to give a total capacity of 900 sheets. The output tray has a capacity of 150 sheets and is on the top of the printer below the flatbed scanner and Automatic Document Feeder.


A printer that is used for a workgroup needs a range of connectivity to meet a range of individual needs. Some will need access from a wired network, others from a tablet or smartphone and still others from a thumb drive.

The Lexmark MB3442adw has a range of connectivity to meet these varying needs. It starts with an Ethernet 10/100BaseTX (RJ-45) port for a hard-wired network. The 802.11b/g/n wireless connection allows access to the printer from a variety of portable devices via a Lexmark Smart App whilst the USB 2.0 Specification Hi-Speed Certified (Type B), port gives access to the printer from thumb drives.

Lexmark MB3442adw Touchscreen

Energy Consumption

An important consideration when looking at new equipment is; how expensive is it to run? So far we have looked at the versatility of the Lexmark MB3442adw in operation and economical use of paper with duplex printing. To enhance this economy, the Lexmark MB3442adw is frugal in its energy consumption as well.

The Energy Star Rating gives the MFP a Typical Energy Consumption (TEC) of 0.54 Kilowatt-hours a week. The energy consumption when unturned off is 9.1 Watts. When turned on but resting the energy consumption id 11W and 580W when printing.

Physical Size & Inside The Box

In common with the rest of the Lexmark GO Line range of printers and MFPs the Lexmark MB3442adw packs a lot of features into a small package, With a footprint of 411 mm wide and 366 mm deep it doesn't take up a lot of bench space. The height of 339 mm to the top of the ADF makes it a small overall package.

The Lexmark MB3442adw comes with everything needed to set up and go right from the box. The box contains the Lexmark MB3442adw as well as the 40,000-page imaging unit and a 3,000-page toner cartridge. Simply plug into your mains and you’re ready to set up.

A full set up guide is included as is all the software needed and documentation on a CD.

Lexmark MB3442ADW Printer Review - The Final Word

Combining enterprise-grade security alongside reliability, speed and small business-friendly pricing, the Lexmark MB3442adw is perfect for small workgroups within a small business. It is compact, versatile, cost-effective and has the speed to keep up with the growing nature of your workflow demands. It can keep up not just with its speed of output but in its expandability of paper handling too.

If you have any questions about our Lexmark MB3442adw printer review or Lexmark printers in general, please visit our live chat and our printing experts will be more than happy to assist.